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James Taylor

Keynote Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur

James Taylor is an award-winning speaker and internationally recognized leader in creativity and innovation. For over 20 years, he has been teaching entrepreneurs, educators, corporate leaders, writers and rockstars how to build innovative organizations and design the creative life they desire. As the founder of C.SCHOOL™ and host of The Creative Life Podcast and TV Show, he’s taught hundreds of thousands of individuals in over 120 countries through his online courses, books, videos and keynote speeches. His TEDx Talk “Supercreativity - Augmenting human creativity in the age of artificial intelligence” amplifies the importance of creativity in regard to the rapid advancements of the technological evolution.


Tillmann Lang

CEO and Co-Founder of Yova AG

Dr. Tillmann Lang is the CEO and a co-founder of Yova Impact Investing, the leading digital sustainable investing platform for retail customers. Before founding Yova, Tillmann was an Engagement Manager with McKinsey & Company where he worked with global organizations on tech-driven sustainability innovation and energy-transition strategies. Tillmann served as CFO to Benefit Impact Investing and was the founding director of the Sustainability-in-Business Lab at ETH Zurich. Tillmann is a computer scientist and mathematician. He holds a P.h.D. from ETH Zurich as well as a Diploma (M.Sc. equivalent) from Universität Heidelberg. Tillmann’s TEDx Talk “How you can change the world by investing” explains how simple changes in regard to investing can lead to a superior world.

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Kristina Bazan

Musician, Author and Fashion Blogger

Kristina has worked on creating art and directing digital campaigns with some of the biggest names in fashion. She has been featured on magazine covers (Vogue, Elle and Grazia), had her own story feature on CNN and was chosen by Forbes as one of the 30 under 30 most influential personalities of 2016 in the category Art and Style. She is now the music beauty talent of Yves Saint Laurent and her first book “On The Go” became a best seller. Her career has taken a new path, namely in the music industry and she recently released an EP. In her inspiring TEDx Talk „Listen to your own advice“, she encourages the crowd to write their own story and believe in themselves by changing their mindset towards life.

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Matthew Stenquist

Designer, Developer and Athlete

Between competing in various snowboard and skateboard competitions worldwide, Matthew Stenquist also puts his expertise in coding and design to work by leading the UI design and UX engineering stack of a San Francisco based Startup. Matthew has worked with multinational corporations (such as Cartoon network and IBM) and his incredible work has been featured in IGN, Wired, Forbes, Techcrunch, Snowboarder Magazine and many more. In his TEDx Talk “How to lead a remarkable life by muting all the noise around us”, he lets the crowd in on valuable life lessons about the path from failure to success.

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Michael Ulrich

Business Ethics, Economics and Finance Professor + Author

After graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), Michael Ulrich pursued his academic career with a joint-master studies in Religion, Economics and Politics. He achieved all of his degrees, including his Ph.D., with great honours. He has gained previous experience as Chief Federal Expert for International Trade Theory and as an expert for microeconomics and modern portfolio theory, which is also mentioned in his TEDx Talk “Feelings matter - What top corporate leaders have in common: a high degree of emotional intelligence”.

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Ali raza Dar

Computer Science Student

Ali Dar is a highly motivated and energetic Master Student of Computer Science at the University of Zurich as well as a Software Engineering Graduate. He has gained over 3 years of industrial expertise in the innovative markets of Zurich, Dubai and Pakistan. He currently works as a communication and digital marketing manager at a full-service blockchain marketing consulting agency for Start-ups conducting an ICO. Ali will enlighten the audience about the importance, future and advantages of blockchain technology in his TEDx Talk.

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Lorenz Wenger

Mental Coach and Entrepreneur

At the age of 25, Lorenz Wenger quit his job in an advertising agency, left his apartment, packed his bags, moved to the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt and decided to pursue his lifelong dreams. The following years he guided divers in the red sea and taught scuba diving as an instructor. 10 years later, he sold his own diving resort in the Philippines, which he built up with his family and 15 employees and moved back to Switzerland. For four years he has been running his own business as a speaker, coach and business trainer. His mission: more courage to change, communications and emotion. “Dare to change” is an encouraging TEDx Talk about how to go against society’s norms and expectations and persevere one’s visions.

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Sonia Weyers

Author, Happiness Catalyst, Gestalt-Therapist

With a Ph.D. from Stanford Business School and an Executive Masters in Consulting and Coaching for Change from INSEAD, Sonia now works as an author, a happiness catalyst and a Gestalt-therapist. She leads people to find more happiness and well-being by helping them let go of the past and build a brighter future. Her TEDx Talk "From emptiness to happiness: How forgiving my mother radically changed my life" portrays the path to an empowered life of peace and alignment and emphasizes the importance of finding the road to deep fulfillment.